When Andre never showed up, Wojapi and Supar Cold Guy decided to take a walk. Across the game. To the monster islands north of Peregrine. They were level one. [Mar 18 - Liberty]

Random screenshot of my first regular team, the Scrapper duo of Patteroast and Art of Stealth! [Apr 16 - Infinity]

Apparently Setebos and Flamebot 5000 teamed up for a while! [Apr 25 - Infinity]

This is the old Flamebot. Back when he didn't just think he was a Tanker. [Apr 25 - Infinity]

That's what I get for making fun of Joe dying. Shot. I'm sry. :( [Apr 25 - Infinity]

Llecarud surveys all around him. [Apr 27 - Infinity]


Proof that SaikoKinesis managed to knock a Hellion under the statue of Atlas without getting it droned. :) [Apr 30 - Infinity]

We conduct an experiment on Art of Stealth to try to make the spines stop popping out. [Apr 30 - Infinity]

I'm sorry, no spiny people allowed. [May 4 - Infinity]

I'm not sure why we were angry at whoever that fireball is. [May 4 - Infinity]


LOL HE DIED. [May 4 - Infinity]

This screenshot is bumeater approved. [May 12 - Infinity]

Hanging out at the top of Valor Bridge in Indy Port. [May 14 - Infinity]

The creation of Reverend Hacklebeen and his sidekick, Bible Boy. Also, by complete coincidence, Catholic School Girl. [May 18 - Infinity]

I think Setebos died with his eyes open. :( [May 21 - Infinity]

Oh yeah. Hump that boombox. [May 21 - Infinity]

Not the correct way to go for a swim. [May 22 - Infinity]

Setebos and Dotted Defender fly high over the Hollows. [May 23 - Infinity]

I logged onto Joe's account to make fancy pictures of all our people. I got Green Protector shot. :X [May 28 - Champion]

Medieval Knight and Patteroast decide to join the Circle of Thorns. [May 29 - Infinity]

After being kicked out of the CoT, we become janitors for the Paragon Transit Authority. [May 29 - Infinity]

Under-level hijinks in Perez! We playfully messed around with a team of heroes. [May 31 - Infinity]

...but it went too far and we accidentally got them killed. :( [May 31 - Infinity]

The Scrapper duo working on the Atlas Medallion. [Jun 1 - Infinity]

Welcoming Luke to CoH! Hi, Luke! [Jun 1 - Infinity]

Getting Luke killed for the first time. <3 [Jun 1 - Infinity]

It was much cooler when Banished Pantheon masks fell down lifeless when you defeated them instead of exploding in a shower of mufflers. [Jun 5 - Infinity]

Oh hey, it's Explomadoza's early really ugly costume. Also, a teamwipe. Obviously he'd be a better healer if he wasn't ugly. [Jun 9 - Infinity]

We always used to collect temporary powers. Holy Shotgun Shells! I think Patteroast may have still had some left when the game shut down... [Jun 10 - Infinity]

Emotes are fun.[Jun 10 - Infinity]

Joe once told me that he thought this contact looked like Santino. [Jun 11 - Infinity]

Very convincing disguises. [Jun 11 - Infinity]

And then Art of Stealth became a giant and danced on the freeway. [Jun 11 - Infinity]

Setebos and Dots hanging out in Eastgate Heights. [Jun 13 - Infinity]

Dooooots got shot. He got shot for real. [Jun 13 - Infinity]

I bring Dr. Fejwol out to help Luke take down Vahzilok. [Jun 16 - Infinity]

Yay for capes! [Jun 19 - Infinity]

Fighting Babbage on the Synapse TF that should have sucked but was awesome.[Jul 11 - Infinity]

We had lots of Defenders and Blasters, and lots of electricity. It went really well despite Explomadoza being ugly! [Jul 11 - Infinity]

P. Destrian readies himself for his big role in some video that Joe was making that he probably didn't finish. [Jul 13 - Infinity]

Explomadoza solos Vahzilok! Sure, he was grey to me at the time, but still. [Jul 18 - Infinity]

The duo of Explomadoza and Medieval Knight takes hold as Joe gives Nemesis a sword enema. [Jul 22 - Infinity]

Malta are mean. :( [Jul 25 - Infinity]

Herding up a bajillion Praetorian minions. [Jul 25 - Infinity]

Explomadoza got a makeover! He's no longer horribly ugly! But this hot pink speedboat is. Wtf. [Aug 4 - Infinity]

Why hello, Lusca! [Aug 5 - Infinity]

Ow. :( [Aug 5 - Infinity]

You're a jerk, Lusca. >:( [Aug 5 - Infinity]

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