Oh no! The Council have kidnapped HostageBot 5000! [Aug 9 - Infinity]

Just chillin'. [Aug 10 - Infinity]

Explomadoza takes his rightful place in the Tsoo. [Aug 10 - Infinity]

Um. That's an interesting place to stand for your picture. [Aug 12 - Infinity]

At this point I'm still not over the fact that Explomadoza is no longer ugly. :) [Aug 12 - Infinity]

Uh, Joe and I are angry at someone, again. Hi, Lavender Love! [Aug 17 - Infinity]

You are not a cat, Clockwork King. Get out of that tree. [Aug 19 - Infinity]

Dotted Defender discovers a mysterious hat on the ground, and Setebos is nowhere in sight. [Aug 20 - Infinity]

I got you a present, MK! It's all the caltrops in the world forever and ever. You're welcome! [Aug 29 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight had laser beam eyes. Never forget. [Aug 31 - Infinity]

AUGH GET IT OFF ME [Aug 31 - Infinity]

Working our way through the Praetorian AVs. Medieval Knight and Explomadoza take on Dominatrix. [Sep 2 - Infinity]

I decide to buff the captured Statesman instead of Joe. It's not like he's fighting Tyrant or anything. [Sep 2 - Infinity]

I did it! All by myself. It's Explomadoza's time now. [Sep 2 - Infinity]

Kronos in the trees. [Sep 3 - Infinity]

:) Joe gets his very first level fifty! Go Medieval Knight! [Sep 3 - Infinity]

Training up with Blue Steel, because he's awesome. [Sep 3 - Infinity]

Exploring the Shadow Shard, Explomadoza finds a lake of Koolaid. Yum! [Sep 4 - Infinity]

Megaherd! [Sep 6 - Infinity]

MK dodging Chimera's attacks. [Sep 6 - Infinity]

And then they ate Explomadoza. [Sep 6 - Infinity]

This is what I'm supposed to use the fire extinguisher for, right? [Sep 7 - Infinity]

No? Okay, how about Igneous? Some of them are on fire, sorta. [Sep 7 - Infinity]

HAHA, YOU CAN'T SEE US, (name). [Sep 9 - Infinity]

Closeup of Black Swan before battle. [Sep 10 - Infinity]

Closeup of Diabolique on the rare occasion that she's not flying around the map like crazy. [Sep 11 - Infinity]

Ew. A bit too close. Psychic Clockwork King. [Sep 14 - Infinity]

Trying out the new portal to the Rikti Crash Site from Peregrine. [Sep 14 - Infinity]

Closeup of Battle Maiden before battle. [Sep 14 - Infinity]

Some random person starting everyone on fire at Portal Court. :( [Sep 14 - Infinity]

Laughing at people who can't stand on stoplights. [Sep 15 - Infinity]

Thanks for visiting Perez Park! [Sep 15 - Infinity]

Fun times in the Arena. :) [Sep 18 - Infinity]

Explomadoza defeats Medieval Knight in a totally fair fight. He didn't help me win or anything. [Sep 18 - Infinity]

Joe decides to respect out of Super Jump and be pushed around in a shopping cart instead. [Sep 19 - Infinity]

Herding up swarms for a badge that took FOREVER. [Sep 20 - Infinity]

Double-decker dance party! [Sep 20 - Infinity]

Sometimes it seems like all we ever did was stand around in weird places doing emotes. :P [Sep 20 - Infinity]

BUFF FIGHT! [Sep 21 - Infinity]

Despite the buffs, Explomadoza did not succeed at soloing Hamidon. [Sep 30 - Infinity]

Random midget civilian. [Oct 3 - Infinity]

Ahh, the Eden Trial. So awesome. :D [Oct 4 - Infinity]

We found a random person running against a wall, so we did the only sensible thing and joined them. [Oct 4 - Infinity]

:( Yellow dawn at the Hamidon raid. [Oct 11 - Infinity]

Welcome to City of Villains beta! Say hello to the Masterminds: Professor Orange and Dr. Breakfast! [Oct 14 - Training Room]

This guy's superpower is looking extra casual. [Oct 15 - Training Room]

Dr. Breakfast needed somewhere to keep his nice chair, so we got an enormous supergroup base. [Oct 19 - Training Room]

Medieval Knight apparently went evil because being a hero didn't pay the bills. [Oct 20 - Training Room]

The end-of-beta event! There was so much lag, Dr. Breakfast stayed in that same spot in the air for about five minutes. [Oct 26 - Training Room]

Fighting Positron! [Oct 26 - Training Room]

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