Something doesn't seem quite right with that emote. [Oct 26 - Training Room]

The true horror of player versus player. [Oct 27 - Infinity]

Protesting against hero on hero violence in Warburg. [Oct 28 - Infinity]

Protesting against Icon because... well, because the protest emote was new and amusing. [Oct 28 - Infinity]

PVP is destroying society! Will someone please think of the children? [Oct 28 - Infinity]

Can anyone spare some level 50 SOs? (This is back before the markets when that was as spendy as stuff got. :P) [Oct 28 - Infinity]

Professor Orange loses his temporary zombie minion. It's all downhill from here. [Oct 31 - Infinity]

Professor Orange considers changing his travel power. [Oct 31 - Infinity]

It's a good thing there are no bugs in CoV. [Nov 2 - Infinity]

I mean, imagine if we fell out of a mission map into a black void and got stuck there! [Nov 2 - Infinity]

Firing up the laptop to make a bug report. [Nov 2 - Infinity]

Dancing with my minions. All four of them! [Nov 6 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight tries to double-cross Professor Orange as a hero again. He's taken care of. [Nov 7 - Infinity]

The henchmen are restless. [Nov 7 - Infinity]

Particle Accelerator and Postal, best friends forever! [Nov 9 - Infinity]

Joe helped teleport me right up next to the hero helicopter in Bloody Bay. We had some fun with that. [Nov 14 - Infinity]

A team destined for greatness: I'm really big and I'm really small. (We made them to look for a hole in the map in Breakout.) [Nov 15 - Training Room]

Medieval Knight finds a comfortable chair. [Nov 15 - Infinity]

Prof. Orange and EMK team up with someone named Seer and take over a gun platform right next to the hero helicopter. We defended it for a good while! [Nov 16 - Infinity]

We couldn't pay for seperate mediports, so we shared one. [Nov 17 - Infinity]

Kickin' it in Nerva. [Nov 20 - Infinity]

Orange and EMK commandeer a seaworthy vessel. [Nov 23 - Infinity]

First summon of Professor Orange's commando! :D [Nov 23 - Infinity]

Explomadoza's only smiling when threatening to kill you. [Nov 24 - Infinity]

Oh no, henchmen revolt! [Nov 24 - Infinity]

We had to put them down. [Nov 24 - Infinity]

At the bar with Particle Accelerator, Dr. Breakfast, and Pancake. [Nov 25 - Infinity]

All dressed up in black to visit the Tiki Lounge. [Nov 25 - Infinity]

We must have played together quite a bit, because I have a lot of screenshots of these two posing! [Nov 26 - Infinity]

Professor Orange teleported into some broken zone geometry below the hero helicopter in Bloody Bay. Surprise! Knockback out of nowhere! [Nov 26 - Infinity]

Professor Orange, EMK, and Sergeant Red go into business selling bright orange hot dogs, but for some reason they don't sell very well. [Nov 27 - Infinity]

A mercenary comes to an unfortunate end. [Nov 30 - Infinity]

Professor Orange plotting his next move. [Nov 30 - Infinity]

That is a lot of bodies and particle effects. [Dec 1 - Infinity]

Duoing Babbage! [Dec 4 - Infinity]

Ahahahahaha. [Dec 4 - Infinity]

Okay, now show me your sexy side. [Dec 7 - Infinity]

Sitting on a ledge at Firebase Zulu. [Dec 8 - Infinity]

We finally got under the Hollows. Igneous look somewhat strange from underground. [Dec 10 - Infinity]

Testing out a Sapper Rifle from my hidden spot under the helicopter in Bloody Bay. :) [Dec 12 - Infinity]

Patticus makes a not-so-graceful landing. [Dec 13 - Infinity]

Patticus, Hot Hands, and andyTHPS? I don't even remember this. [Dec 13 - Infinity]

Earth for humans! Kheldians go home! [Dec 15 - Infinity]

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good raid! [Dec 15 - Infinity]

Getting the holiday costumes together. [Dec 15 - Infinity]

The Tuatha approve of our new costumes. [Dec 18 - Infinity]

Relaxing at the firing range. [Dec 21 - Infinity]

After ages of being annoyed by the blissful sleep of electricity, Explomadoza gets his revenge. [Dec 22 - Infinity]

Kickin' back in the new Supergroup base! [Dec 25 - Infinity]

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