:D Explomadoza hits fifty! (Yeah, I just missed it.) [Jan 2 - Infinity]

Training up with Ravenstorm, because he's lonely. [Jan 2 - Infinity]

Pfft, we don't need your costume contest. We're 50s. [Jan 2 - Infinity]

Pfft, we don't need chairs. We can sit right on this wire. [Jan 6 - Infinity]

OH NO, SALLY'S ON FIRE [Jan 6 - Infinity]

The cool hangout spot in Steel Canyon. [Jan 7 - Infinity]

According to my research, Joe's got a butt. [Jan 7 - Infinity]

Explomadoza, Medieval Knight, Anique, and Ironblade team up to rescue Statesman. [Jan 8 - Infinity]

Whoo, team screenies. [Jan 8 - Infinity]

We win! [Jan 8 - Infinity]

Lava dance party for everyone! [Jan 8 - Infinity]

Everyone loves Ironblade! We can never take this back. [Jan 8 - Infinity]

Explomadoza stays humble. [Jan 8 - Infinity]

Jennel's time to shine! [Jan 8 - Infinity]

And some guy named Joe too, I guess. [Jan 8 - Infinity]

Professor Orange actually looking rather cool. [Jan 11 - Infinity]

Patteroast and Dots have to rest because they forgot their feet at home. :( [Jan 14 - Infinity]

Wojapi enjoys his work maybe a bit too much. His work is kicking people. While wearing a blue suit. [Jan 16 - Liberty]

Playing with some goofy gladiator teams in the Arena. [Jan 18 - Infinity]

Closeup of Bobcat before battle. [Jan 20 - Infinity]

I don't know why I got so much pleasure out of mildly confusing people by running to Atlas while I still had the Terra Volta reactor shield. [Jan 22 - Infinity]

But I sure did enjoy it. :P [Jan 22 - Infinity]

Patticus surfs the ice while closing in on Frostfire. [Jan 24 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight carefully considers what he thinks of Dr. Fejwol's new look. [Jan 25 - Infinity]

Dead level 50s under Atlas. :P [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Nothing to see here, just teleporting Joe's corpse up Atlas' butt. [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Keeping a lookout. Something is WRONG with Explomadoza's neck... [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Oh yeah, we're good friends with the Hellions. [Jan 26 - Infinity]

I think you've had enough eyeshadow, ma'am. [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Someone here doesn't fit, but I'm not sure who it is... [Jan 28 - Infinity]

Somehow the devs managed to accidentally remove Dark Astoria's fog! [Jan 30 - Training Room]

Fogless Dark Astoria. [Jan 30 - Training Room]

Fogless Dark Astoria, up in Moth Cemetary. [Jan 30 - Training Room]

If not for the Banished Pantheon, it would be really hard to identify this as Dark Astoria. [Jan 30 - Training Room]

You'd look at it and go, 'Hmm... kind of like Skyway? No... Steel? Kings? I have no idea.' [Jan 30 - Training Room]

Grand opening of Pocket D! Hi, War Witch. [Jan 30 - Training Room]

Explomadoza's good at dying in places that people don't usually die. [Jan 30 - Training Room]

Professor Orange manages to get Tesla Caged in a safe building. EMK respectfully observes. [Jan 31 - Infinity]

Uh... this Arachnos map seems happy to see us. [Jan 31 - Infinity]

Okay, I guess I'm just amused by the reactor shields at all times. :P [Feb 1 - Infinity]

Chillaxing in Pocket D. [Feb 2 - Infinity]

And then Adamastor stomped on Joe and killed him instantly. :( [Feb 3 - Infinity]


Proof that Explomadoza and Medieval Knight duoed Lusca! Nobody else there, and one of the tentacles going down. :) [Feb 4 - Infinity]

Falling forever and ever. [Feb 5 - Infinity]

Excuse me sir, but you are not a Luddite. [Feb 5 - Infinity]

Two villains, one rez. [Feb 6 - Infinity]

Masked Vaquero is just waiting for you to finish up the mission. [Feb 12 - Infinity]

Portalpile. [Feb 13 - Infinity]

Something's weird about those guns. [Feb 13 - Infinity]

Explomadoza takes over for a shift when Setebos can't make it to work. [Feb 13 - Infinity]

Poor pre-teleport Dr. Fejwol. He couldn't get to the exploration badge on top of the Terra Volta reactor with only Super Speed. [Feb 13 - Infinity]

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