Explomadoza, Medieval Knight, and Ironblade: best friends forever. Jack Frost doesn't judge. [Feb 17 - Infinity]

Setebos says hello to a friendly looking fellow. [Feb 18 - Infinity]

EAT SHIT, VOID. >:o [Feb 19 - Infinity]

Captain Kalamari protests against Peacebringers for not being as cool as Warshades. [Feb 19 - Infinity]

A team that will last forever. Asrail, Lady Titan, Valet Service, and of course, Banana Slug Man. [Feb 22 - Guardian]

Oh hey, sup Caleb. [Feb 26 - Infinity]

This is how Dr. Fejwol always looks. [Feb 27 - Infinity]

wts Patteroast has a sword! [Mar 2 - Infinity]

His only recourse is to join the Outcasts. [Mar 4 - Infinity]

Patteroast and Ironblade compare swords, no homo. [Mar 4 - Infinity]

Nobody thinks much of your rez, Professor Orange. [Mar 4 - Infinity]

This team seems to be doing well. [Mar 10 - Infinity]

Explomadoza having a friendly chat with an Arbiter Drone. [Mar 12 - Infinity]

Why yes, of course I'm supposed to be here. [Mar 12 - Infinity]

Confuse is the best. :D [Mar 12 - Infinity]

Hey, someone threw out a perfectly good male stripper! [Mar 15 - Infinity]

Great teams doing well, volume 47: Maxwell Edison and Hyperion Elite. [Mar 16 - Pinnacle]

Just going once around the bay. We invited Green-thumb, too. [Mar 16 - Pinnacle]

Yetniy starts out his career on a tasteful note. [Mar 18 - Pinnacle]

Here comes the fire brigade! [Mar 18 - Infinity]

Ironblade acquires a tiny clone. Captain Kalamari appeases them with dancing before fleeing in terror. [Mar 19 - Infinity]

You look different, Explomadoza. New haircut? (Messing with villain costume pieces before heroes were supposed to be able to access them.) [Mar 19 - Infinity]

Closeup of Nightstar before battle. [Mar 28 - Infinity]

Temp Invulnerability for everyone! [Mar 29 - Infinity]

The world's shiniest Scrapper. [Mar 29 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight now has nuclear weapons. But don't worry, he's only evil half the time. [Mar 30 - Infinity]

Implomadoza wants to axe you a question. [Mar 30 - Infinity]

Ariolimax, it's the American way. [Mar 30 - Guardian]

Nuking unsuspecting people hanging out under Atlas, it's the American way. [Mar 31 - Infinity]

I'm sorry Sally, but I've heard a rumor that you have WMDs. It's the only way to be sure. [Apr 1 - Infinity]

This mostly naked Setebos has the Rocky Joe stamp of approval. [Apr 1 - Infinity]

Completely heterosexual buddies. [Apr 1 - Infinity]

Calling in an airstrike on Lusca. [Apr 3 - Infinity]

Go home, Ghost Ship, you're drunk. [Apr 3 - Infinity]

Professor Orange gives his henchmen a pep talk before going into battle. [Apr 3 - Infinity]

Apparently Masked Vaquero went out drinking with the Ghost Ship. [Apr 7 - Infinity]

Arbiter Drone versus Fire Extinguisher, who will prevail? [Apr 7 - Infinity]

Huh. Apparently the Fire Extinguisher. It didn't end so well for Medieval Knight, though. [Apr 7 - Infinity]

I suspect this Skull might be a Hydra in disguise. [Apr 8 - Infinity]

Don't cross the beams! [Apr 8 - Infinity]

And of course we have to visit Sally, too. [Apr 8 - Infinity]

I'm sure there will be a happy ending for Explomadoza here. [Apr 8 - Infinity]

Get her! She's casually strolling away! [Apr 8 - Infinity]

Patteroast shoots Jack in Irons with the bow that he's always had this whole time. [Apr 13 - Infinity]

For some reason, I feel like you should be healing me, Medieval Knight. [Apr 15 - Infinity]

Supergroup base renovations, plus Llecarud shortly before he got deleted. [Apr 19 - Infinity]

I always knew the day would come when Joe went crazy and turned on us. :( [Apr 20 - Infinity]

I'm a booger. [Apr 21 - Infinity]

Devouring Earth emanator lineup. Cairn, dead Dr. Fejwol, Fungi, and Tree of Life. [Apr 22 - Infinity]

Hey, gimme some privacy, I'm trying to test out the new base toilet. [Apr 22 - Infinity]

Explomadoza tried to save Medieval Knight from the Sapper, only to be impaled. :( [Apr 23 - Infinity]

Fun with Phase Shift in PvP. [Apr 23 - Infinity]

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