Hanging out with our buddies from Arachnos. [Apr 25 - Infinity]

Joe and Imp become radio stars! [Apr 26 - Infinity]

Everyone's a winner. [Apr 26 - Infinity]

Everyone deserves a good nuke now and again. [Apr 27 - Infinity]

Statesman thanks Asrail, Deathweaver, Explomadoza, Northern Cold, and Medieval Knight. [Apr 27 - Infinity]

Explomadoza was looking through his closet and found an old outfit he used to wear back in the 70s. [Apr 28 - Infinity]

I guess that's the top of the Shadow Shard... [Apr 29 - Infinity]

Tremble in terror! Professor Orange has you right where he wants you! [Apr 30 - Infinity]

How to bake an Intergalactic Potato. [Apr 30 - Guardian]

The best screenshot of Cosmic Downpour. :) [Apr 30 - Infinity]

Orange and EMK stranded on one of the little islands in the Nerva Archipelago. Neither one knows how to operate this weird boat thing.[Apr 30 - Infinity]

Hello, Tae Kwon Joe! [May 1 - Infinity]

Visiting Recluse's Victory for the first time. [May 2 - Training Room]

The elevator in Pocket D was broken, stranding Professor Orange inside the walls. [May 2 - Training Room]

What the game looks like at minimum graphics. Ew. [May 2 - Training Room]

After many tries to find the perfect screenshot of Anique, she decided this one showed the real her. [May 4 - Infinity]

Silex Femina puts her Animated Stone to good use. [May 4 - Infinity]

Oh hey, it's a completely normal tree over there. [May 4 - Infinity]

MK feels right at home in Croatoa. [May 6 - Infinity]

Nobody likes Entropy Flow. [May 6 - Infinity]

Professor Orange expresses his opinion of Lord Recluse and his capital city. [May 6 - Training Room]

Dr. Fejwol enjoying the supergroup's new library. [May 6 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight and Dr. Fejwol head to Warburg and battle to the death! Or at least until they get bored, because MK can't get through Granite, and Fejwol doesn't do any damage... [May 7 - Infinity]

Rocky Joe just voided his warranty. [May 7 - Infinity]

HAY GIZE [May 9 - Infinity]

Masked Vaquero has a busy day back at the farm. [May 9 - Infinity]

Flamebot is baffled by drinking fountain technology. [May 9 - Infinity]

Lavender Love has a way with the ladies. [May 9 - Infinity]

MK visits the Clockwork construction site to get supercharged. [May 11 - Infinity]

Whee! Piggyback rides! [May 12 - Infinity]

It's important to take the time to dance on the graves of your enemies. [May 15 - Infinity]

Captain Kalamari hails the new leader of the Trolls. Note that it is not Yetniy. [May 15 - Infinity]

EMK forgets that he's evil today and goes to the wrong hospital. [May 23 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol's solution to getting around in Granite: be dropped to the mission from space. [May 28 - Infinity]

That's why they call him Particle Accsmellerator. [May 29 - Infinity]

More fun times under Perez. [May 29 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol makes some slight adjustments to his costume. [May 30 - Infinity]

Vermicula starts his heroic career by teaming up with someone who is an inspiration to us all: Pimpin' all da hoes. [Jun 3 - Pinnacle]

Curse you, broken claws animations! [Jun 5 - Infinity]

And this is why they call him Mr. KILL YOU ALL. [Jun 6 - Training Room]

Nobody here but us pumpkins. [Jun 7 - Infinity]

Arachnos has a unique beauty regimen for its soldiers. [Jun 9 - Infinity]

The biggest joke that the devs ever played on badge hunters. One Contaminated per hour, in a level 50 PvP zone. [Jun 11 - Infinity]

Rules are made to be broken. Professor Orange is such a rebel. [Jun 12 - Infinity]

Those are some extra sticky force fields. [Jun 20 - Infinity]

Masked Vaquero didn't like Setebos' new costume, so Setebos kicked him in the face. [Jun 24 - Infinity]

The excitement never stops! [Jun 24 - Infinity]

Say goodbye to Llecarud! [Jun 24 - Infinity]

And say hello to the important character I replaced him with: Megabutt. (Don't worry, he was deleted ten seconds later.) [Jun 24 - Infinity]

Joker's Jackpot and Cosmic Downpour have amazing powers, but still have to wait for the bus. [Jul 5 - Infinity]

Watching over Atlas Park while it sleeps. [Jul 9 - Infinity]

I'm sure I'll never regret this! Say hello to Pinkbeard the Pirate and his magic floating hook-gun. [Jul 27 - Infinity]

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