Captain Kalamari commits a little squid vs. octopus violence. [Jul 28 - Infinity]

Half-defeated Lusca and TWO Ghost Ships... [Jul 30 - Infinity]

Captain Kalamari and Joker's Jackpot enjoying their victory over Vahzilok. [Aug 1 - Infinity]

Patteroast got Shockwave. Heehee. [Aug 1 - Infinity]

Okay, that just looks badass. [Aug 1 - Infinity]

Hey, Sally. Can you give me a lift to my mission? [Aug 2 - Infinity]

Sometimes you just have to mess with level ones. [Aug 2 - Infinity]

And then Patticus arrested Masked Vaquero for littering. [Aug 8 - Infinity]

Uh... speaking of littering... [Aug 10 - Infinity]

Particle Accelerator doesn't question the cavesafe. [Aug 10 - Infinity]


Dr. Fejwol discovers he's in the Matrix. [Aug 25 - Infinity]

Another highlight of the heroic career of Captain Kalamari. [Aug 26 - Infinity]

Masked Vaquero disguises himself as Dr. Fejwol's boombox. [Aug 30 - Infinity]

Guys, all that's in there is a really low-rez image. [Aug 30 - Infinity]

Further investigation is warranted. [Aug 30 - Infinity]

Attention! Dancing Warshade! [Sep 4 - Infinity]

Kalamari and Dots break into the Faultline Reservoir, before the zone revamp. [Sep 5 - Infinity]

Cosmic Downpour looks spiffy in his new cape. :) [Sep 8 - Infinity]

Please take a number. [Sep 11 - Infinity]

Heroes halt havoc, you say? [Sep 14 - Infinity]

Some level one Hellions kill Art of Stealth. Permanently. :( [Sep 14 - Infinity]

Excuse me, Tech Support? I seem to be having a slight issue with my laptop... [Sep 15 - Infinity]

I'm totally a Freakshow. Rawr. [Sep 20 - Infinity]

Joker's Jackpot flips out. [Sep 21 - Infinity]

Professor Orange meets an ally! [Sep 22 - Infinity]

Be careful, too much Television is bad for you. [Sep 24 - Infinity]

See? I told you. [Sep 24 - Infinity]

Atlas is struck by an outbreak of invisible purse-snatchers! [Sep 25 - Infinity]

For a while the Ghost Ship would get lost and you could aggro it and lead it around. So of course, I brought it to a Police Drone and killed it once and for all! :D [Sep 26 - Infinity]

Well, at least until it came back and sailed right through Lusca. [Sep 26 - Infinity]

I dunno. A random weird shot of Yetniy. Getting shot. [Sep 27 - Pinnacle]

Oh yeah, me and Deathsurge are good buddies. (They forgot to up him to 50 when they raised the level cap for villains.) [Sep 28 - Infinity]

Same story with Ghost of Scrapyard. [Sep 28 - Infinity]

Kiviuq attends a meeting of the Breakfast League to propose the addition of seal meat. [Sep 29 - Infinity]

(Insert innapropriate comment about fingering here. And by here, I mean in Professor Orange's butt.) [Oct 1 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol and some of his good friends. [Oct 4 - Infinity]

Dotted Defender tries out a new look based on Super Jennel. [Oct 4 - Infinity]

Patteroast approves the choice of underpants. [Oct 5 - Infinity]

A new sidekick for Dotted Defender! DOT DEFENDER. [Oct 9 - Unknown Server]

Oh no, we're not hitchhikers, we're ninjas, so it's okay. [Oct 10 - Pinnacle]

Joker's Jackpot hacks into the Icon computers to get unlimited costume changes. [Oct 12 - Infinity]

Patticus keeps a lookout. [Oct 12 - Infinity]

Our scheme worked perfectly! Mwahaha! [Oct 12 - Infinity]

Explomadoza comes across a pool party in the new revamped Faultline. [Oct 13 - Training Room]

Don't worry villains, Arachnos is keeping heroes far away from the hospital. You're safe here. [Oct 16 - Infinity]

Excuse me, Mr. Sapper. I don't believe you should be here. [Oct 17 - Infinity]

Patteroast wants one of these for his living room. [Oct 17 - Infinity]

Annihili can see you. [Oct 18 - Liberty]

Demonology shows that squid can fight fires too! [Oct 21 - Infinity]

Yay! Asoposl isn't eye-meltingly ugly anymore! [Oct 21 - Infinity]

Yetniy is forever alone. [Oct 21 - Pinnacle]

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