Exploring an area behind the Storm Palace that isn't on the map. [Oct 23 - Infinity]

Welcome to Tentaclefest! [Nov 2 - Infinity]

Vermicula gearing up for a good old fashioned sewer team. [Nov 3 - Pinnacle]

Maybe he's a bit too comfortable down there. [Nov 3 - Pinnacle]

These shields don't fit Kheldians very well. Captain Kalamari's gonna have to sue. [Nov 4 - Infinity]

Kiviuq takes control in the Dream Stalkers base, before Professor Orange got ahold of the color scheme. [Nov 10 - Infinity]

Patteroast unlocked Morph Ball! [Nov 10 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol gets an uncomfortably close look at Adamastor's groin. [Nov 11 - Infinity]

Dots cleans up a team wipe. [Nov 11 - Infinity]

What was that color I wanted to make everything, again? Purple? Sure, let's go with that. [Nov 11 - Infinity]

Surprise, Explomadoza was secretly a Kheldian the whole time. [Nov 16 - Training Room]

:( They got rid of the skyscraper in Talos that everyone hung out on! [Nov 16 - Training Room]

A PvP battle in progress. Explomadoza is winning, obviously. [Nov 18 - Infinity]

Grandville is a lot more vertical. [Nov 18 - Infinity]

Welcome to the Mastermind pet convention. [Nov 18 - Infinity]

Okay, that's just silly. [Nov 18 - Infinity]

Dr. Breakfast discovers a long-lost relative. Professor Orange respectfully lets them have a moment. [Nov 19 - Infinity]

Kiviuq cowers in fear of Dr. B's weird satellite dish hat. [Nov 20 - Infinity]

Everyone gets together to watch Dr. B test out Detonator for the first time! [Nov 20 - Infinity]

BAM! [Nov 20 - Infinity]

Setebos keeping watch over Indy Port. [Nov 21 - Infinity]

That's a rather large net. [Nov 22 - Infinity]

Christopher6000 mourns the loss of his teammates. [Nov 23 - Freedom]

Team Bunny! [Nov 24 - Infinity]

Professor Orange calls a meeting to announce that the base is now orange. [Nov 25 - Infinity]

You know, in case you didn't notice on your way inside. [Nov 25 - Infinity]

Professor Orange's commando, Sergeant Red, gives a speech on the benefits of orangeness. [Nov 25 - Infinity]

Magistrate Sotek's speech is not orange-approved. [Nov 25 - Infinity]

Everyone tries to figure out what the expensive thing that Deon bought does. (Turns out it does nothing!) [Nov 25 - Infinity]

I guess I'll have to stay in the base forever. :( [Nov 25 - Infinity]

Okay, here's the plan, we'll bury the enemies in pets. [Nov 25 - Infinity]

Orange tries out his new patron powers! [Nov 26 - Infinity]

Don't trust a smiling guy carrying an axe. [Nov 28 - Infinity]

Explomadoza found the Cryptic Lounge! [Nov 28 - Infinity]

Enjoying a nice slice of pie. Or is that a cheese wedge? [Nov 28 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight is quite fond of teabagging. [Nov 28 - Infinity]

He also wants you to take a good look at his green panties. [Nov 28 - Infinity]

Welp, now I have to pluck out my eyes. [Nov 28 - Infinity]

Asoposl and Masked Vaquero enjoy their police band radios. Also, their trenchcoats! [Nov 28 - Infinity]

Kiviuq and Dotted Defender get their wings! And then Dots flies butt-first into Kiviuq's face. [Nov 28 - Infinity]

Kiviuq preparing to take out the Eye of the Leviathan. [Nov 29 - Infinity]

Something's wrong with Dr. Fejwol's chest. It's a bit transparent. [Nov 30 - Infinity]

This guy crossed the Family and they gave him some concrete shoes. Luckily, they're not very smart and threw him in a shallow pool. [Dec 1 - Infinity]

Cosmic Downpour would like to axe you a questi- NO I ALREADY SAID THAT AND ONCE WAS TOO MUCH [Dec 1 - Infinity]

Explomadoza enjoys a nice face-down ski run. [Dec 2 - Training Room]

We win! [Dec 3 - Infinity]

Congrats! EMK hits fifty! Joe's second one. :) [Dec 3 - Infinity]

Patteroast and Medieval Knight have a sudden craving for doughnuts. [Dec 3 - Infinity]

To see who will buy the doughnuts, they have a shine-off. [Dec 3 - Infinity]

Patteroast lost. :( [Dec 3 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight is really proud of those underwear. [Dec 3 - Infinity]

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