Dr. Fejwol gets a Warburg Rocket solo. [Dec 3 - Infinity]

Kiviuq's a very warm person on the inside, but that's probably because of the torch I jammed up in there. [Dec 8 - Infinity]

Professor Orange discovers that the tunnels under Grandville have traps. [Dec 8 - Infinity]

Professor Orange bought a new house! Well, more like he's squatting there. And it's not so much new as burned down. But don't worry, it'll be great when his minions get back from the store with the orange paint. [Dec 9 - Infinity]

Trip Mines for sale! Just go ahead and grab as many as you need. [Dec 9 - Infinity]

Crater expresses his opinion of Professor Orange's festive new outfit. [Dec 11 - Infinity]

Stuck at the bottom of Gordon Trench with the Vahzilok Wasting Disease. This is the worst day ever for Dr. Fejwol. :( [Dec 13 - Infinity]

Man that is a tiny little head. [Dec 13 - Infinity]

Masked Vaquero gets ready for his second job as a rodeo clown. [Dec 14 - Infinity]

Professor Orange leads the way towards victory! [Dec 14 - Infinity]

Weird skies in the Baby New Year mission. [Dec 14 - Infinity]

Golden Rings is a hilarious temporary power! [Dec 14 - Infinity]

Prof. Orange and Dr. B encourage their minions to try some skiing. [Dec 15 - Infinity]

Standing on the floating truck. :) [Dec 15 - Infinity]

After a party at Pocket D, Professor Orange waves down Dr. Breakfast with their ride home. [Dec 15 - Infinity]

/em teabag [Dec 15 - Infinity]

Whoops. He missed the gravity geyser. [Dec 15 - Infinity]

Masked Vaquero hits fifty! Number three for Joe. [Dec 16 - Infinity]

Patteroast and Caillech help celebrate. [Dec 16 - Infinity]

Showing off for Valkyrie. [Dec 16 - Infinity]

Patteroast takes a short break before... [Dec 16 - Infinity]

... he hits level fifty as well! My second! :D [Dec 16 - Infinity]

Party time! [Dec 16 - Infinity]

Training up with Mirror Spirit because I never had before. [Dec 16 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol, Emma Heart, and Joker's Jackpot have a confetti party! [Dec 16 - Infinity]

Setebos got a defective gravity geyser. :( [Dec 16 - Infinity]

Yetniy has his own confetti party! Alone. In the sewer. [Dec 16 - Pinnacle]

I dunno, this bench is really warm, guys. [Dec 17 - Infinity]

Disco Explomadoza befriends Supa 'fro! Dance, dance, dance... [Dec 18 - Infinity]

NUKE RANDOM PEOPLE! [Dec 18 - Infinity]

... dance, dance, dance. [Dec 18 - Infinity]

Asoposl gets into Yin's Market. [Dec 18 - Infinity]

Having fun with the Arachnos disguise. [Dec 18 - Infinity]

Bill Bowman takes a break to slide across the frozen lakes. Wheee! [Dec 18 - Pinnacle]

Tracking down the only Elite Boss that spawns in the open world. [Dec 19 - Infinity]

Man, those ghosts must be REALLY drunk. [Dec 19 - Infinity]

Oh well. Makes it easier to badge hunt if they just keep spawning over and over! [Dec 19 - Infinity]

Masked Vaquero and Patteroast having a sit by the bar. [Dec 19 - Infinity]

Yes, it does appear that she has a butt. [Dec 19 - Infinity]

Relaxing the normal way in the Cryptic Lounge. [Dec 19 - Infinity]

Who's this? It's Set To Eleven with his original really, really terrible costume! He's in a box so he can get sent back for a refund. (Side note: For about ten minutes he was named High-Voltage Amp.) [Dec 23 - Virtue]

Yetniy the art critic. [Dec 24 - Pinnacle]

This one meets his approval. [Dec 24 - Pinnacle]

This one not so much. [Dec 24 - Pinnacle]

Oh no! Someone killed this human! [Dec 24 - Infinity]

To cheer himself up, Cosmic Downpour gales random lowbies off rooftops. [Dec 25 - Infinity]

Kiviuq causing a slight bit of property damage. [Dec 28 - Infinity]

Huh. I don't think that's supposed to be there. [Dec 28 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight has a new look! [Dec 31 - Infinity]

MK and Explomadoza are arrested for indecent exposure. [Dec 31 - Infinity]

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