Checking out Faultine from underneath. [Feb 2 - Infinity]

Nobody loves you, Cosmic Downpour. That's why you're in the cage again. [Feb 2 - Infinity]

Thirteen Fifty and Ice Volt pose for a picture. Lord Richter would get in the shot, but he couldn't figure out the timer on the camera. [Feb 2 - Freedom]

We'll herd them up into the truck and ship them directly to jail! [Feb 2 - Freedom]

This is not the correct way to enter Icon. [Feb 2 - Infinity]

Lord Richter and Thirteen Fifty, looking a bit derpy. [Feb 3 - Freedom]

Lord Richter enjoys a nice warm swim in the lava. [Feb 3 - Freedom]

Hey, this is actually a fairly cool screenshot of Dr. Asbestos. [Feb 3 - Liberty]

A Skull shows Quaoar his sexy pose. [Feb 3 - Pinnacle]

Hey, have some respect, lady. [Feb 4 - Infinity]

Patteroast found a really nice couch, I don't know why nobody wanted it. [Feb 4 - Infinity]

Medieval Knight without his armor! But not naked this time! [Feb 5 - Infinity]

Weapons and emotes don't mix. [Feb 5 - Infinity]

And then my claws flew off and went for my crotch. [Feb 5 - Infinity]

Put your hands up against the wall and levitate your weapons in the air next to you! I don't care if they're inside your hands, take them out! [Feb 5 - Infinity]

Setting up some fancy tech teleporters. [Feb 7 - Infinity]

A new team on Freedom! Army Man Tommy, Crow the Trickster and... er... well, forget about the third one. [Feb 7 - Freedom]

Devil Never Cry holds a supergroup meeting.[Feb 8 - Freedom]

Oh great. I fell out of the base and now I'm floating in limbo. [Feb 8 - Pinnacle]

Punching a submarine to death. Joe's helping. [Feb 8 - Freedom]

UPS Zombie Bob. What brown do for brains? [Feb 9 - Pinnacle]

No, that does not make Fire Banana look any less stupid and terrible. [Feb 9 - Freedom]

We set up a fancy bedroom in the Les Enfant Terribles base. [Feb 11 - Freedom]

Look away, Army Man Tommy. That's not for kids. Or anyone, really. I mean, come on, Crow. You could do better. [Feb 12 - Freedom]

When I told you to shove that Triage Beacon up your ass, I did not mean it literally. [Feb 12 - Freedom]

Basically, the only way to deal with the existence of Fire Banana is to shove caltrops in your eyes. [Feb 13 - Freedom]

Cosmic Downpour races the train. [Feb 14 - Infinity]

CROTCH PUNCH! [Feb 14 - Liberty]

I don't think we should be watching this... [Feb 14 - Liberty]

At the last second, Flamebot changes his mind and shoots his blast sideways and blows a hole in Asoposl's chest. [Feb 16 - Infinity]

That's not how you teabag someone, Dr. Fejwol. [Feb 16 - Infinity]

Whoops! I slipped. Well, shit. [Feb 17 - Infinity]

Explomadoza doesn't quite understand how to use the base hospital. [Feb 23 - Infinity]

Quaoar looking for some PvP. [Feb 23 - Pinnacle]

It took them about five minutes, but I patiently sat and watched these Skulls destroy a car. [Feb 24 - Infinity]

... and the explosion killed them both. Rofl. [Feb 24 - Infinity]

Oh hey guys. Yeah, I'm just another normal Arachnos soldier, don't mind me. [Feb 24 - Infinity]

I guess the Arbiter Drones aren't fooled by the Arachnos Disguise. [Feb 24 - Infinity]

Arachnos sends a soldier on a daring raid into Atlas Park so he could walk up to Ms. Liberty and laugh at her. [Feb 24 - Infinity]

Hey look, we made a pinata! [Feb 24 - Pinnacle]

The casino staff told Maxwell Edison and Wundermind that they were too young to gamble. So of course, they all had to die. [Feb 24 - Pinnacle]

Yep, there are enemies behind that door. [Feb 24 - Freedom]

Oh. Professor Orange appears to have broken the universe. [Feb 25 - Infinity]

Implomadoza welcomes a new friend: Angry Whirl Man! [Feb 28 - Freedom]

A newly hatched Implomadoza egg. [Feb 28 - Freedom]

With the addition of Temporal Fallout, we have the birth of the Crack Team. Multiply stacked Accelerate Metabolism for everyone! [Mar 1 - Freedom]

I think Kronos has something to tell me. I'll just stand here and wait. [Mar 1 - Infinity]

I'm sure that car won't have any problems with all those giant boulders. I mean, those were there the whole time! [Mar 1 - Infinity]

The base needs more light! [Mar 2 - Infinity]

:( They wouldn't let Quaoar in the hazard zone. [Mar 3 - Pinnacle]

Quaoar takes a quick blissful electricity nap while the rest of the team fights Babbage. [Mar 3 - Pinnacle]

Urchin Man says 'curse you!' to Really Angry Man. Green Protector is indifferent. [Mar 3 - Freedom]

Fire Banana starts over as a not incredibly ugly and terrible character. Too bad he couldn't think up a new name as well... although Santino suggested 'Chain Fire Banana'. [Mar 5 - Freedom]

It's time for you to go, Super Chris 100. [Mar 7 - Freedom]

Angry Whirl Man lets it all hang out. [Mar 7 - Freedom]

Ghost pedestrians in Dark Astoria. [Mar 8 - Infinity]

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