Officially welcoming Emanating Flames and Daddy-O of Sexy to the Council of Crack. [Mar 10 - Freedom]

Really Angry Man finds a comfortable seat at the Pwn Shop. [Mar 11 - Freedom]

Orange wins! My third fifty, and first villain to fifty. :) [Mar 13 - Infinity]

Breakfast Boy shows Mercurial Bunny his new bunny ears. [Mar 15 - Infinity]

I believe you forgot your arms at home this morning, Mr. Freakshow. [Mar 17 - Pinnacle]

Professor Orange defeats his patron, who shall henceforth be known as Orange Scorpion. [Mar 17 - Infinity]

Everyone congratulates Embalmed on hitting fifty! [Mar 18 - Infinity]

Oh good, Deon's weird useless base thing is now psychedelic. [Mar 18 - Infinity]

A bug makes everyone stand through chairs instead of sitting in them. Also, these guys are twins. [Mar 19 - Training Room]

The giant statue head tried to eat Explomadoza, but choked on him. [Mar 21 - Infinity]

Wojapi impresses some Trolls with his dance moves. [Mar 22 - Liberty]

Hooray! We did it! (I have no idea what Wojapi is celebrating.) [Mar 22 - Liberty]

Wait, who are we talking about, Rikti? Anyone could be a Rikti? That seems unlikely. [Mar 23 - Training Room]

Saying goodbye to the Rikti Crash Site before it gets changed over to the Rikti War Zone. I was never quite sure what the hell this thing was supposed to be. [Mar 23 - Training Room]

I found a hole in an outdoor mission map that was set in a part of Eden, and discovered an entire copy of the zone was there. Although I don't remember as many pedestrians and cars in the real Eden... [Mar 25 - Infinity]

Kiviuq broke into Paragon! [Mar 25 - Infinity]

Dr. Breakfast comes with as well. [Mar 25 - Infinity]

Watch out for Seattle Snow Goat. He'll ram your sternum. [Mar 25 - Virtue]

We attempt to lure a crowd of ladies away, but alas, they are not interested. There's a reason they call him 'Long Tom'. [Mar 26 - Freedom]

Double Granite all the way! [Mar 28 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol decides that he wants to be lead tank on a Hamidon raid, but forgets to tell anyone else. [Mar 29 - Infinity]

It was a very short raid. [Mar 29 - Infinity]

Fryhtu and Buckskin join a one-man party. The Hellion doesn't question where the two other boomboxes came from. [Mar 29 - Freedom]

Sitting the normal way. [Mar 29 - Virtue]

That is a really cool hold animation! [Mar 31 - Infinity]

Okay, I know I've made a lot of jokes about the Ghost Ship being drunk, but this is just ridiculous. [Apr 1 - Infinity]

It appears that the Ghost Ship is attempting to mate with the Peregrine Island Ferry. [Apr 1 - Infinity]

Next time you rob a bank, maybe bring a bag that's not full of holes. [Apr 1 - Infinity]

Flying over Firebase Zulu. [Apr 5 - Infinity]

One of the first attempts at a redside Hamidon Raid! It did not succeed. :( [Apr 5 - Training Room]

Grave Knight photobomb. [Apr 6 - Infinity]

Weird random screenshot of Pinkbeard, Mantis Zero, and Wailing Doom. [Apr 7 - Infinity]

And then the ceiling ate Joe and Santino. [Apr 8 - Freedom]

The Freedom trio taking a break around the water cooler. [Apr 8 - Freedom]

An odd bug we found. Place an item down in the base, cast Ice Patch on it, and remove the item. An icy outline of the objects stays until Ice Patch wears off. [Apr 8 - Freedom]

Dr. Fejwol defeats bondage enthusiast Synapse, aka Neuron. [Apr 10 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol fighting some giant monsters for the hell of it. The boulders flying off are larger than he is... [Apr 15 - Infinity]

Um, a loose Family in Icon? [Apr 17 - Infinity]

Don't worry, we got him. (He was teleported in with Wormhole. D:) [Apr 17 - Infinity]

Six-man Crack Team! Emanating Flames, Angry Whirl Man, Daddy-O of Sexy, Temporal Fallout, Implomadoza, and Conor joins us with Cosmic Avalanche. [Apr 18 - Freedom]

The Crack Team doesn't always win. But note that over on the left, Kath has joined us with Alopecia! [Apr 19 - Freedom]

Captain Kalamari visits the hot dog stand in Siren's Call. That's not a weiner... [Apr 19 - Infinity]

Under Siren's Call. [Apr 19 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol, Ionic Avenger, and Statesman. [Apr 20 - Infinity]

Patteroast doing some goofy acrobatics. [Apr 21 - Infinity]

Bwahahaha. Conor and Kath surprise me and Joe with their new characters: Banana Pat and Banana Joe! [Apr 24 - Freedom]

(I am not sure why Banana Joe has robotic hands.) [Apr 24 - Freedom]

I return the gesture by making Banana Kath! [Apr 24 - Freedom]

A random person decides to join us with Banana Savanha! [Apr 24 - Freedom]

We're becoming a trend. Two more random people join in with Banana Andy and Banana Rosh. [Apr 24 - Freedom]

There was also another person named banana lol. It was an amusing evening! [Apr 24 - Freedom]

Lord Richter and Ice Volt have a seat on a bench in Croatoa and enjoy the view. [Apr 30 - Freedom]

Yay! Finally, a trainer in Peregrine! Hi, Castle! [May 1 - Infinity]

We plan our battle tactics via phone. [May 2 - Freedom]

Professor Orange is stranded in a far corner of Monster Island. [May 3 - Infinity]

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