EMK discovers that Professor Orange got a little TOO comfortable while stranded. [May 4 - Infinity]

Making fun of archvillains in mid-battle. :) [May 5 - Infinity]

We're the winners! [May 7 - Freedom]

Patteroast trades in his claws for a baseball bat. [May 9 - Infinity]

Mantis Zero says the fish aren't biting today. [May 10 - Infinity]

I'd run away from a caged stripper, too. [May 12 - Infinity]

Oh, just hanging out at the end of the world. [May 12 - Infinity]

This is not what the Hollow usually looks like... [May 12 - Infinity]

But this IS what lampposts usually look like. Rocky Joe thinks he's a pigeon. [May 14 - Infinity]

We form a human cage to trap a renegade teammate. [May 15 - Infinity]

Monster island herding funtime with Dr. Fejwol! [May 16 - Infinity]

Bringing one back for a date. [May 16 - Infinity]


Um. Where are you going? That's not towards the police drone. That's through the entire length of the zone. Oops. [May 16 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol meets his match when he comes up against his ultimate nemesis: a knee-high wall. [May 16 - Infinity]

Would you like your smash in normal or fun-size? Crater meets Crater Jr. [May 18 - Infinity]

You appear to have something stuck in your eye, Mr. Leviathan. [May 19 - Infinity]

Joe and I take advantage of a weird bug in Grandville. [May 21 - Infinity]

Enemies knocked down from the top of the map to this plaza just stood there and went passive. [May 21 - Infinity]

It was pretty amusing! [May 21 - Infinity]

Patteroast checks out the edge of the world, too. [May 22 - Infinity]

Oh yeah, Patteroast could totally fly this whole time, he just didn't feel like it. Nothing to do with Dotted Defender getting Group Fly. [May 22 - Infinity]

Crater, Mercurial Bunny, Dr. Breakfast, and Kiviuq meet The Center. [May 22 - Infinity]

Crater does not approve of The Center's choice in reading material. [May 22 - Infinity]

Just a random cool screenshot of Crater. [May 22 - Infinity]

ALL HAIL BUNNY! [May 23 - Infinity]

Congratulations on hitting 50, Mercurial Bunny! :) [May 23 - Infinity]

Oh. Hello, Ghost of Scrapyard. How's it going? [May 28 - Infinity]

Dotted Defender strikes a pose for his own fiftieth level. [Jun 5 - Infinity]

Joker's Jackpot finds a normal chair. [Jun 7 - Infinity]

And another 50! Dr. Fejwol makes four of them for me. :) [Jun 7 - Infinity]

Going back to Galaxy to train up with BABs. [Jun 7 - Infinity]

Explomadoza is allergic to the auction house. :( [Jun 7 - Infinity]

Jen said we could only join her supergroup Fae if we made some magical people. So, Elfis Lives. Also, Combat Faerie. [Jun 8 - Virtue]

Traveling between missions gets a bit lazier once everyone has a Mission Teleporter. [Jun 8 - Infinity]

Crater Jr. gets blown halfway across the world. [Jun 10 - Infinity]

This civilian is pretty sure she would rather have not been rescued. [Jun 11 - Infinity]

Who needs pants, anyway? [Jun 11 - Infinity]

Yeah, this was a trend for a short period of time. [Jun 11 - Infinity]

Patticus decides to smack Necromantical instead of posing. [Jun 15 - Infinity]

Huh. I'm pretty sure that wasn't in Port Oakes before. [Jun 15 - Training Room]

Yeah... this seems new. [Jun 15 - Training Room]

It looked rather cool, but they removed it again shortly afterwards. [Jun 15 - Training Room]

I'm not sure why they never put it in if they'd already built it. [Jun 15 - Training Room]

Although I guess whatever purpose they had in mind behind it must have not panned out. [Jun 15 - Training Room]

In any case... big weird thing! [Jun 15 - Training Room]

Kiviuq is beamed to the Moon. [Jun 15 - Infinity]

Particle Accelerator goes ahead to check if it's safe. [Jun 16 - Infinity]

Mr. Anon and Wundermind. Secretly related? [Jun 16 - Pinnacle]

Flamebot gets a new pet. [Jun 17 - Infinity]

So does Mercurial Bunny! Although a Rikti Monkey following you around is a lot less creepy than pantsless Kiviuq following you around. [Jun 17 - Infinity]

Yetniy and Rawr-cat! A team that sounds really stupid but works somehow! [Jun 17 - Pinnacle]

In an effort to finish what is obviously a downward spiral, I cut to the chase and try to make the worst character possible. Thus, t3h Ub3rbl4st3r! He's an Archery/Ice Blaster. Unfortunately, that ended up being kind of fun to play... [Jun 19 - Victory]

Zombob, on the other hand, is simply an atrocity. Never make a petless Mastermind, kids. [Jun 19 - Victory]

I'm not sure, I think Explomadoza is doing the limbo. Probably not a Rikti Invasion. [Jun 22 - Training Room]

Somehow when they took out the accidental new area from Port Oakes, they also took out a lot of the... ground. All over. [Jun 22 - Training Room]

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