Valet Service makes a note to never team with Banana Slug Woman again. [Jun 27 - Guardian]

Oh hey, this chair is just the right size for a Black Dwarf. [Jun 27 - Infinity]

GUESS WHO GOT QUASAR? :D (It's Captain Kalamari.) [Jun 27 - Infinity]

The Bird Brigade, composed of Rubber Chicken Man, Quack Attack, and Clay-Pigeon, watches over Paragon. [Jun 29 - Freedom]

Sittin' on some boobs. [Jul 1 - Freedom]

Kiviuq finds a map hole in Grandville, breaks into a secret lab in the Fab. [Jul 2 - Infinity]

The best animation bug turns using the Nemesis Staff into an overhead swing right at the enemy's face. Awesome. [Jul 10 - Infinity]

Oh hey, you found me. :( (Particle Accelerator doing his cape mission.) [Jul 15 - Infinity]

The Bird Brigade defeat Atta! [Jul 20 - Freedom]

Don't worry, that pipe won't get away now! [Jul 22 - Infinity]

Professor Orange helps raid the Rikti Mothership. [Jul 24 - Infinity]

Well, that's just rude. [Jul 24 - Infinity]

Kiviuq observes from his perch. [Jul 24 - Infinity]

Something's a bit buggy with the civilians on this block. [Jul 30 - Infinity]

Down go the War Walls. [Jul 31 - Infinity]

Lord Richter makes good use of the training dummies in the RWZ. [Aug 1 - Freedom]

Explomadoza, Medieval Knight, and Crater team up to take down the Hamidon once and for all! [Aug 5 - Infinity]

I don't think Dr. Fejwol's going to do enough damage fast enough to stop these bombs from exploding. [Aug 7 - Infinity]

Yeah the Rikti are invading again, but everything's going to be okay, because Bill Bowman has ROCKET BOOTS! [Aug 17 -Pinnacle]

Professor Orange has taken over Atlas Park for reals! [Aug 19 - Infinity]

Yetniy and Rawr-cat meet a couple Longbow. [Aug 23 - Pinnacle]

I totally took him out by myself, and he didn't just wander into the instant death zone around the Black Market. [Aug 24 - Pinnacle]

There are a lot of birds around Fort Hades. [Aug 26 - Freedom]

Don't worry, these things will probably not be horrible to fight. [Sep 1 - Infinity]

Stand back, Fryhtu and Armageddon Device have this covered! [Sep 1 - Freedom]

Professor Orange comes home to a base that suits him well. [Sep 4 - Infinity]

I think Devil Woman likes the new computer. [Sep 4 - Infinity]

Instead of rescuing this victim of the Circle of Thorns, the Freedom Team borrow him for their own ritual. [Sep 5 - Freedom]

You can put your helmet back on on, Positron. [Sep 7 - Freedom]

Pyrrho looks on in despair at Cratette. [Sep 9 - Virtue]

Reverend Hacklebeen is back, with a bit more fire and brimstone. [Sep 10 - Infinity]

I'd like my reactor shield in XXXXL, please. [Sep 13 - Infinity]

Angry Whirl Man gets his most important power: Whirlwind. [Sep 17 - Freedom]

Uh, I think you've had that armor on a bit too long, EMK. [Sep 18 - Infinity]

The Crack Team get matching costumes! [Sep 22 - Freedom]

Use drugs all the time, kids! [Sep 22 - Freedom]

Pantsless Kiviuq, haunting Devil Woman's nightmares. [Sep 23 - Infinity]

Yetniy welcomes Samurai Shark Man to the dark side. [Sep 26 - Pinnacle]

Crater Family portrait. Crater Sr., Crater, Crater Jr., Craterella, and Homecoming Crater. [Sep 27 - Infinity]

And everyone played these characters forever. [Sep 27 - Infinity]

Crater Jr. finds that the monitor is just the right size for him. [Sep 27 - Infinity]

Turns out the guy who made Grandville decided to sign it! [Sep 29 - Infinity]

Big stack o' teammates. [Sep 30 - Infinity]

The Freedom Team add a touch of nature to their base. [Oct 1 - Freedom]

And some banners with the initials of the supergroup, Devil Never Cry. [Oct 1 - Freedom]

Lord Richter can see you trying to look at Thirteen Fifty's crotch. [Oct 1 - Freedom]

I am fairly sure that this giant spider wasn't made of enormous bolts before. [Oct 4 - Infinity]

Brutal Shock keeps the battle going without me. [Oct 4 - Infinity]

Eat ice, Batzul! [Oct 5 - Infinity]

There was a challenge going around to get a level one to the Master of the Airwaves badge at the top of Grandville. Pyrrho was about three, but decided to try it anyway. Success! [Oct 6 - Virtue]

Artilleryman gives Hot Justice a friendly kick in the groin when he's down. [Oct 7 - Pinnacle]

Maybe a bit too friendly. [Oct 7 - Pinnacle]

A new, more traditional costume for Kiviuq. [Oct 8 - Infinity]

Checking out Ouroboros for the first time! [Oct 10 - Training Room]

The era of Atomic Lizard-Donkey has begun! [Oct 10 - Training Room]

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