I sure do love taking the TexWord_FERRYT04 to TexWord_STMARTIAL3! [Jan 2 - Infinity]

Destroy the little planes! [Jan 2 - Infinity]

Piezoelectric starts to figure out what being a Brute is all about. :) (It's smash, btw.) [Jan 3 - Pinnacle]

With the assistance of Mr. Anon. [Jan 3 - Pinnacle]

AoE Sleeps for Fun and Profit. [Jan 3 - Pinnacle]

Yeah, I think Quaoar can take the Paladin. [Jan 3 - Pinnacle]

Whoa, the new base looks all sciencey. [Jan 4 - Infinity]

I mean, I've tried everything else on Sally. Gale was inevitable. [Jan 5 - Infinity]

Professor Orange and Breakfast Boy fight with their GunBats. [Jan 7 - Infinity]

After foiling the robbers, Patteroast decides to take the money for himself. [Jan 7 - Infinity]

I regret trying to get a closeup shot of Jack in Irons. Gross. [Jan 8 - Infinity]

Well, this makes everyone happy that they teamed with Captain Kalamari. Stupid Shadow Cysts... [Jan 8 - Infinity]

Yetniy tours the old prison in Port Oakes. [Jan 10 - Pinnacle]

Nick's latest creation: Swedish Robot. [Jan 10 - Pinnacle]

Don't worry, you're safe inside the train station. It's not like a Ghost Ship is going to sail right through it or anything. [Jan 10 - Infinity]

Messing with some broken Kheldian emotes. [Jan 11 - Infinity]

Kiviuq uses Ice Slick on the ceiling to help him CHILL OUT! Ahahahaha oh god I'm so sorry. [Jan 11 - Infinity]

Snowbeasts spawned in the tunnels just under the main plaza in Grandville. Lul. [Jan 11 - Infinity]

Joe takes a quick look up Faathim's skirt. [Jan 15 - Infinity]

Dr. Fejwol smashes some Supa Trolls. [Jan 17 - Infinity]

Everybody stop for a minute, I need to eat a hot dog. [Jan 18 - Infinity]

I think they forgot to remove some of the previous building when they put this Wentworth's in. [Jan 18 - Virtue]

Well that's an interesting wallpaper choice. [Jan 19 - Infinity]

I felt sorry for throwing a dirty toilet at him, so when I killed this guy I used a coffin to save some time. [Jan 19 - Infinity]

And then I went out to Gale more random stuff. It's the best thing to make you feel better! [Jan 19 - Infinity]


Some jerk lured monsters into the Hamidon raid. [Jan 19 - Infinity]

Field of corpses. :( [Jan 19 - Infinity]

Yetniy starts work on his own supergroup base! [Jan 20 - Pinnacle]

Introducing Samurai Shark Man! [Jan 20 - Infinity]

Ooh, the old base is looking pretty nice. [Jan 21 - Infinity]

Pretty cool teleport room. [Jan 21 - Infinity]

Asoposl got a NPC teammate, but when they went in the elevator nothing ever came out but their aura. [Jan 23 - Infinity]

Pinkbeard knows all about eating bricks of solid gold. Wait, what? [Jan 25 - Infinity]

EAT SHIT, PORTAL CORPS. [Jan 25 - Infinity]

Professor Orange and Mercurial Bunny have a mace-off. [Jan 26 - Infinity]

The cool Shadow Shard Nemesis base map that we ended up spending a lot of time in when Conor farmed it for about a year. [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Punching the drilling machine to death! [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Oh. That's a little bit of knockback. Notice that I'm being blown away from the FURTHER one. [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Captain Kalamari tries out for a job as a gargoyle. [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Yay! Kalamari got Extract Essence. He finally has a friend. And it's your soul. Which he's borrowing for a bit. [Jan 26 - Infinity]

Professor Orange is on the verge of taking control of the Shadow Shard once and for all! [Jan 27 - Infinity]

That's a lot of Nemesis. [Jan 27 - Infinity]

Um, where did the building we were inside of go? [Jan 27 - Infinity]

Professor Orange keeps on eye on the portal in Primeva. [Jan 28 - Infinity]

Thirteen Fifty takes a break and rests against a strangely comfortable stack of boxes. [Jan 28 - Freedom]

Don't worry, this looks completely safe, guys. [Jan 30 - Freedom]

Um... well... [Jan 30 - Freedom]

Stone pancake of doom! [Jan 31 - Infinity]

Fighting Ghost Widow in Recluse's Victory. Patteroast is doing great! [Feb 1 - Infinity]

Before the University opened, I found a way under Steel and got in early! [Feb 1 - Infinity]

Setebos is an Inventor! [Feb 1 - Infinity]

A good number of people knew about getting into the University in Steel, but I don't think anyone realized you could also do it in Cap au Diable! [Feb 2 - Infinity]

Kiviuq also got the Inventor badge before he was supposed to. :) [Feb 2 - Infinity]

More fun getting into places we shouldn't. Trapping outselves in the not-yet-opened Wentworth's. [Feb 2 - Infinity]


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